I am an American guy who moved to London for love and adventure and got way more than I could have ever imagined. A fantastic wife, 2 kids, 2 cats 1 dog and I’d like to think, at least a handful of friends!

I also write a professional-style blog over on endeavourpmc.com, head on over there if you want to know about Project Management in Construction.

bobby darragh eating ice cream
Bushy Park, London

Monty and I went exploring in Bushy Park!

Life Lessons

A bit of banter and a bit of life advice..


I consider myself a lucky guy that gets to travel around quite a bit. Check out some local hot spots, to full-on holidays abroad.

Product reviews

Have a look at some of the stuff I use for my business that could help you in yours!

What’s up with this guy?

I am a regular everyday guy who has been lucky enough to make it this far in life. I grew up in the Boston MA area of USA and now happily live out my days with my family in London UK. The adventures and shenanigans are endless so follow along and share in the fun!

Travel in style

Thankfully the
UK is an Island!

We love taking trips to the coast even in the winter. The seaside is usually jam packed in the summer, so if you go during the winter you get to skip all the traffic. The kids love it because we don’t have to spend hours in the car. My wife and I love it for the same reason too!

Stamford Bridge season tickets
Stamford Bridge -Chelsea vs Brighton December 29th 2021


I was lucky enough to get tickets to the game with my father in law.



Its just so much fun!

Blogging and vlogging has become such a passion of mine now. I tend to take pictures and video everything! My kids enjoy it and I am teaching them everything I learn. Hopefully when they get a bit older they can start their own blog and youtube channel.

The hardest thing for me now is editing posts and videos. Watch this space for new, and hopefully exciting, stories.