Best DIY tools for Cleaning Stone Flooring

When cleaning stone floors at home the best products to use will be a good solid brush, acid free cleaning solutions and a robust sealer. The products below are what I use to clean and seal my stone floor tiles. The particular tiles I have are very porous and light cream coloured so they get dirty easily . 


Brushes, Cleaning Solutions and Sealers


These Brushes are fantastic! They allow you to place them in a power drill to make light work of things. This is especially useful with porous stone tiles like I have. These tiles have grooves and small pockets that allow the dirt and grime to build up.

Cleaning Solutions

The best stuff that I have found for cleaning these stone tiles has been Lithofin Power-Clean for all-natural and artificial stones. It is acid-free so it should not stain or ruin the stone.

Stone Sealer


This Dry Treat Colour Enhancing Sealer is what I have used for many years. They have changed the packaging recently but its great stuff.

As you can see my bottle is pretty old and manky but it still does the trick!


I could not find this stuff on Amazon but it can be found at local stone suppliers like this one in London.

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